Author = Mojtaba Shariaty-Niassar
Number of Articles: 4
1. Development of Hydrate Formation Phase Envelope: An Experimental Approach in One of the Iranian Gas Reservoirs

Volume 47, Issue 2, December 2013, Pages 115-127


Ehsan Kamari; Saber Mohammadi; Ahmad Ghozatloo; Mojtaba Shariaty-Niassar

2. Production of Activated Carbon from Cellulose Wastes

Volume 47, Issue 1, June 2013, Pages 13-25


Hamid Reza Hafizi-Atabak; Hamid Ghanbari- Tuedeshki; Anita Shafaroudi; Mahdi Akbari; Javad Safaei-Ghomi; Mojtaba Shariaty-Niassar

3. A New Resistance Model for Interpretation of Gas Permeation Data of Composite and Asymmetric Membranes

Volume 46, Issue 2, December 2012, Pages 73-86


Sara Farhangi; Mojtaba Shariaty-Niassar; Mohamad Soltanieh

4. A Comparative Survey of Modeling Absorption Tower Using Mixed Amines

Volume 45, Issue 1, June 2011, Pages 57-70


Mohammad Samipoor Giri; Mahdi Akbari; Mojtaba Shariaty-Niassar; Afshin Bakhtiari