Aims and Scope

As a multidisciplinary journal, JChPE welcomes full-length original research papers, short communications, review papers, and perspectives and letters to the Editor that cover the following research fields:




Chemical engineering

Transport phenomena


Reaction engineering


Separation processes

Unit operation

Process systems engineering

Materials synthesis and processing

Particle technology

Petroleum engineering

Reservoir engineering and simulation

Enhanced oil and gas recovery

Drilling and drilling fluids

Natural gas engineering

Petroleum geochemistry

Well logging, testing, and evaluation

Exploration methods


Multi-phase flow in porous media

Pore-level phenomena

Rock mechanics

Formation evaluation

Polymer engineering

Polymer synthesis and functionalization

Polymer modification

Polymer characterization

Stimuli-responsive polymers

Renewable and sustainable polymers

Technological application of polymers

Biochemical engineering

Bioseparation processes

Downstream processing

Bioreaction engineering

Bioreactor modeling

Food engineering


Simulation of molecular and process performance

System biology

Environmental engineering

Sustainable development

(biological) Wastewater treatment processes

Biosensors for environmental monitoring

Nanomaterials for environmental applications

(bio) Remediation

Biofuel production

Hydrogen generation and fuel cell

Material for energy storage


Submissions from other fields of chemical engineering, and from other areas within the fields above, are welcome.