Can I simultaneously send various manuscripts?

No. When you send a paper for peer review you must wait for the result. Once it is accepted and the peer review process is over, you can send another manuscript.

Is it OK to simultaneously send a paper to various journals?

No. This is against the codes of COPE. If one does so, his/her article will not be published. In case it is already published, the article will be retracted. Then the name of the author(s) will enter our blacklist and no manuscript will be ever accepted from the author(s).

How can I send my paper for your journal?

To do that you should first sign up on our website. After that, you can submit your manuscript on our website.

Do all the authors have to register on the website?

No. Only the corresponding author needs to do so.

How can I contact the journal?

To do that click on the “contact us” button.