Hydrodynamics of Sieve Tray Distillation Column Using CFD Simulation

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Chemical Engineering, Shahid Nikbakht’s Faculty of Engineering, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Sistan and Baluchestan, I. R. Iran


Sieve trays are widely used in the gas- liquid contactors such as distillation and absorption towers. In this article, a three-dimensional, two phase CFD model using Euler-Euler framework was developed to simulate a distillation tower with two sieve trays. Hydrodynamic simulation of air and water system in different rates of gas phase was carried out and velocity distribution parameters, clear liquid height and froth height were calculated and compared to the experimental data and the literature simulation result. Liquid velocity distributions on the two trays were found to be in relatively good agreement with experimental data. It was found that heights of accumulated liquid in the down-comers are not equal.


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