Two Phase Modeling of Char Combustion in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Reactor Using ASPEN PLUS



In this paper, combustion of char in the riser of circulating fluidized bed was modeled using ASPEN PLUS. Since physical and chemical phenomena are involved in the process, the model integrates the two-phase hydrodynamic sub-model with the reaction sub-model derived from the literature. In the proposed model, the fluidized bed is divided into several sections and the behavior of each section was simulated by a combination of ideal reactor found in the simulator depending on the hydrodynamics of emulsion and bubble phase. The performance of the proposed model is tested against the experimental data reported in the literature. It is shown that this model provides acceptable results in predicting the performance of the fluidized bed reactors. The results of this study can easily be used by industrial simulators to enhance their abilities to simulate the fluidized bed reactor properly.