Immobilization of Alkaline Protease produced from Bacillus Licheniformis PTCC1331 on Calcium Alginate (Its effect on enzymatic activity)


Sharif University of Technology


Alkaline Protease enzyme produced from Bacillus Licheniformis PTCC1331 in optimum Condition(Temperature 37 ?C, 150 rpm, PH=10), is immobilized in different concentrations of Sodium Alginate using entrapment method, to increase its thermal resistance in detergents, and its activity is measured thereafter. Maximum enzymatic activity of 46 was obtained in 2%w/v Sodium alginate solution. Investigations on different temperatures on enzymatic activity of free and immobilized enzymes shows that relative activity of free enzyme decreases in temperatures more than 45?C but immobilized enzyme maintains its activity up to 55?C and is more stable than free enzyme. Moreover stability of free and immobilized enzyme is studied in 40 & 50 ?C. Immobilized enzyme is more stable in 40?C than 50?C. Effect of pH on free and immobilized enzyme is also studied between pH 7 to 12.Both free and immobilized enzymes are more stable in pH 7 to 8 and activity of immobilized enzyme is more than free enzyme in this range. As it is resulted using the best method of immobilization, enzyme would be more stable and its usage would be more effective in industry.