A Novel Screening Technique for Implementation of Intelligent Reservoir Technology

Document Type : Original Paper


Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), Tehran, Iran


Throughout life cycle of oil production wells, it is imperative to have production optimization and real response time to rapid changes of well conditions and more understanding of subsurface otherwise it is the matter of expenditure losing. Smart well capabilities meet aforementioned issues. However there is a key concern in managers' mind that they have limited budget and several fields' documents in front. They cannot afford smart well technology for all fields because they know that justification through modeling, simulation and economic evaluation is vital but costly and time consuming. They can apply this box only for one filed. How can they select one field among these fields? In this paper we present a novel screening technique by Analytical Hierarchy Process engine. This technique needs criteria and sub-criteria affecting on smart well potential of fields. Application of this screening technique directed us to prioritize four fields to implement smart well completion. Interestingly; the output of this paper can be used for any set of fields throughout the world.


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