Lactic-based Novel Amine Ionic Liquid: Synthesis and Characterization of [DEA][Lac]

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Energy, Kermanshah University of Technology, Kermanshah, Iran


In this study, a novel amine ionic liquid “Diethanolamine Lactic” [DEA][Lac] was synthesized. The replacement of halogenated ion fluid was used as a modified methodology for the preparation of diethanolamine based on lactic acid. The ionic liquid was characterized using the Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra and the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. The changes in bands' wavelengths and the peaks of the participating elements and process materials have been confirmed before and after synthesis based on the results of FTIR analysis which demonstrate the successful synthesis of diethanolamine lactic. The NMR analysis also clearly confirms the synthesis of diethanolamine lactic acid. Analysis results were shown in the successful synthesis of the [diethanolamine] [lactic].   


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