Performance of Surfactant-Type Polyoxometalate, [(C16H33)N(CH3)3]6 [PV3W9O40] in Oxidative Desulfurization of Gas Condensate and Straight Run Gasoil

Document Type : Research Paper


Catalyst Research Center, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran


A novel hybrid surfactant-type polyoxometalate, [(C16H33)N(CH3)3]6 [PV3W9O40] was synthesized and characterized by FT-IR, SEM and EDX analyze. Oxidation of sulfur compounds in gas condensate with H2O2 as oxidant using surfactant-type polytangestovanado phosphoric catalyst and acetonitrile as solvent was studied. The total sulfur content of the samples was determined by UV Fluorescence. The catalyst were evaluated for the oxidative desulfurization of gas condensate from Ilam Refinery Company and straight-run diesel from Kermanshah Oil Refining. Results show that the catalysts keep the Keggin structure. The sulfur level of a gas condensate can be lowered from a few hundred 1800 µg/g to 83 µg/g only at 5 min and the sulfur removal 98.83% was obtained at 15 min. Also, the desulfurization rate of straight-run diesel can be up to 82% at 30 min. In addition, the reusability of catalyst after five times showed that the catalytic activity had a few decrease from 97.22 to 92.11 percent sulfur removal of gas condensate.


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